With 25 years of solid music industry experience, the proprietors of Black Market Creative have led creative and strategic teams working seamlessly across music, entertainment, technology, and lifestyle industries. Across all range of categories, they approach each situation with one predominant creative philosophy: to create compelling work that is solution-oriented for their clients. 


Co-Founder & Proprietor

Prior to co-founding Black Market Creative, Heather Glenn served as Vice President of Marketing and Communications for Universal Music Publishing Group where she worked for 10 years at an executive level overseeing the marketing and communications for the company's 47 global offices. Before that she worked in strategic marketing, PR, and digital for Virgin Entertainment (including the Virgin Megastores, Virginmega.com and Radio Free Virgin). During her career, Heather has been responsible for strategic marketing and promotional partnerships with such brands as Ben Sherman, Absolut, American Express, Levi's, MTV and VEVO. In addition to consumer brands, Heather has vast experience working with the world's top songwriters and recording artists in a marketing and
PR capacity.



A multi-faceted business executive who is passionate about creating the ultimate client service experiences, Charles Glenn has 20+ years of proven history in business development and problem solving for clients. From client communications to the campaign-building process, Charles connects Black Market’s creative efforts with our clients’ needs, ensuring that projects are implemented on time and according to plan. Charles is an analytical and creative problem-solver in equal measure – consistently positioning and building brand equity for Black Market Creative clients. But his secret weapon is his appreciation for the creative process, slaying business challenges for clients while making Black Market Creative the go-to idea agency, serving businesses of all sectors, sizes
and budgets.


Co-Founder & Design Director

A creative executive who sees her profession as a craft and knows that when advertising and design achieve their highest purpose it can knock you right off your seat, Jennifer Mills began her career of problem solving and story telling with an internship at Chiat-Day, a stint at NewmanGrace Advertising, and consulting for Billboard magazine, Malibu magazine and clients like Ed Hardy, Matt Kemp (LA Dodgers), and Ah2 Music. It was not long before Universal Music Group appointed her Art Director of one of the world’s leading music publishing companies. As the previous lead designer for the company, Ms. Mills has a vast portfolio of music industry experience promoting the world’s top recording artists. But like many creatives, Ms. Mills prefers to just let the work speak for itself.